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Thanksgiving books, Delaware festival, voting

The publisher of Thanksgiving: The True Story asked me to recommend some of my favorite books for Thanksgiving. They’re listed at:

I’m looking forward to participating in the Delaware Book Festival this weekend. ( Saturday morning, I’m on a panel, Women in History, with Laurie Halse Anderson and Cathy Gourley. Of course, I’ll be mentioning the fact that Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony addressed the Delaware General Assembly in 1881 as part of an effort to amend the state constitution to allow woman suffrage. No such luck. In 1920, Delaware had the opportunity to be the final state needed to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment, but didn’t & the honor passed to Tennessee, which did, by one vote cast by a young legislator, who voted according to his mother’s wishes!!

REMEMBER: The fight for women’s right to vote was hard and hard; the victory narrow–VOTE on Tues, November 4, 2008

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