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Tonight, I am thinking about Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the other half of the legendary friendship that "changed the world," as the title of my book asserts. Today, Nov. 12, ECS was born in 1815 in Johnstown, NY. (Imagine someone thinking about you 205 years after your death!?) From 1868-1887, ECS lived just a few miles from where I live. Oftentimes while writing my book, I would walk to her house and just stand there, thinking. "Night after

night," she once wrote, she and Susan B. Anthony "plotted and planned the coming agitation, how, when, and where each entering wedge could be driven by which woman might be recognized, and her rights secured. Such battles were fought over and over again."

The soft cover edition includes "An Interview With Penny Colman" One of the questions is: "Who was your favorite—Elizabeth Cady Stanton or Susan B. Anthony?" My answer? "Both of them, but for different reasons: Elizabeth Cady Stanton because she was a scintillating thinker, prolifically influential writer, and a fearless orator. And Susan B. Anthony because she was an indefatigable doer, an organizer and planner extraordinaire, and principled pragmatist. Both of them, for the same reason: because of their unwavering commitment to the cause, fierce loyalty to each other, and razor-sharp wits." How about you? Who is your favorite?

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