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Stanton Connections

I knew from the Saturday, 7/21, agenda for The Thomas Stanton Society Reunion that members had been on the go all day, plus we had just had a delicious dinner and it was already 8:30 pm when Dave Stanton, the president of TSS, gave me the go ahead to start my talk about Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  Given the potential audience-fatigue-level, I planned to talk about 20 minutes, but the interest and responsiveness I felt from the audience spurred me on to telling even more stories, which, of course, I love to do!  Thank you to everyone for your enthusiastic welcome!

Now that the genealogical puzzle has been solved and it's clear that Elizabeth Cady Stanton's lineage can be traced back to Thomas and Anna Lord Stanton, which also means that she and her husband Henry Stanton were fourth cousins once removed, I happily autographed copies of my book to "a cousin of Elizabeth Cady Stanton."

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