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Sojourner Truth, Me & Linda

We've been self-isolating for months, but I resumed my more than 30-year quest in search of landmarks to women when I learned that a statue of Sojourner Truth was dedicated on August 25, 2020. Sculpted by Vinnie Bagwell, the seven-foot, thousand pound statue is at the entrance to the Walkway Over the Hudson, Highland side. We drove north about an hour and a half, went to the wrong side of the Walkway (the Poughkeepsie side), walked 45 minutes in the wrong direction, (all proving that we are rusty landmark-searchers after self-isolating since March). Nevertheless we were totally thrilled to see the statue that powerfully and interestingly represents Sojourner Truth. The top photo is of Sojourner Truth, and a happy me & Linda (with our masks off for a "selfie," my first ever.)

The woman in the background of the bottom image is studying an information panel that is keyed to images etched on Sojourner Truth's dress. Her words—"Truth is Powerful and It Prevails" are on the lower front right side. Nearby is a "Triangle of Spirals," a Ghanaian Adinkra Symbol representing "Path of Truth." The images on the back of the statue include "Negroes For Sale," a sign from Lexington, Kentucky 1853; "Mother, Son and Hand," representing Truth's victorious legal battle for her son Peter who was illegal sold South at age 5; a Female Warrior Symbol; and a Heart Symbol, a Ghanaian Adinkra Symbol "Sankola" representing "Remembering our past to protect our future."

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