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Skype conversation

Today I’m having a conversation via Skype with graduate students in Jan Kristo’s children’s literature class. A professor of Reading and Language Arts, University of Maine, Jan teaches this course off site in Pittsfield, Maine. All the students have read Thanksgiving: The True Story. In an email Jan wrote that they will be particularly interested in my research process. She also wrote that gkisedtanamoogk, a Wampanoag from Mashpee, MA, who teaches Native American studies at the University of Maine, will be attending the class. In an earlier discussion with Jan’s class he spoke about “the view from the ship versus the view from the land.” His name is pronounced Key set TAH NAH mook (with a long o sound). We’re scheduled to talk for an hour, although I’m certain we could happily talk much longer–it’s all so fascinating! This is my first Skype conversation so fingers crossed that the technology works! (Yes, I did a trial call last week.)

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