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Reader Response to Thanksgiving: The True Story

Patty Murphy, a graduate student in education, wrote: Penny Colman’s book made me smile when she described the various ways we Americans celebrate Thanksgiving from watching or playing football games to adding our own ethnic foods to the usual Thanksgiving feast. . . . I loved her chapter “Turkey and Lasagna.” This is exactly what we do in my family, as I am Italian. We dress the table with a lovely table cloth, fine china and silverware, and crystal water and wine goblets. We have a floral centerpiece and the best salt and pepper shakers. I never set up a children’s table. The children have the same place settings as the adults and participate fully in this family feast. (They have never broken anything, not like some of the adults.) We start off the meal with salad and lasagna. Then we bring out the turkey, ham, potatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach stuffing (it’s delicious), green bean casserole, and don’t forget the cranberry sauce. We pray and have a toast. We talk about what we are thankful for. Later we bring out the coffee, tea, homemade Bavarian shortbread, and an assortment of pies, such as pumpkin, apple, blueberry, and coconut. Sometimes we have chocolate and vanilla pudding with real whipped cream and Jell-O. We talk, play piano and enjoy our loved ones’ company. We laugh a lot. The day is magical. Penny Colman’s book made me remember all of the things I love about Thanksgiving!

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