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Madam C. J. Walker

Just out as an eBook is the second edition of my brief biography of Madam C. J. Walker! I wrote it for young readers, but it is also a great quick read for busy adults who want to learn about a washerwoman who turned herself into a powerhouse.  Orphaned at an early age, Madam C. J. Walker, who was born Sarah Breedlove, told people, “I had to make my own living and my own opportunity! But I made it!”  During her lifetime, Madam Walker made lots of money; she had spent some of it on fancy cars, clothes, a gold-leaved grand piano and harp, and a mansion. But she also used her money to help make life better for other people.  The book is available online, including at

Cover for the second edition of Madam C. J. Walker: Building a Business Empire, now available as an eBook

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