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Spent Labor Day at the Jersey Shore with Sophie and her family.  The ocean was gorgeous–warm clear water, rollicking waves!  Lots of swimming, sunning, feasting, walking, etc.  Got an exuberant report from Sophie after her first day of school.  Linda’s first day was the first of her last year, since she’s retiring after 45 years at Teachers College, Columbia University where she is head of the Program in Intellectual Disabilities and Autism.  As for me, this is the first Fall in many years that I am not teaching, which is allowing me to ramp up my writing!  My plan is to compile all the material I’ve produced on writing, teaching, and using nonfiction in the classroom and publish it in an eBook. I’m also finishing the story of the fight for suffrage.  Then, of course, there’s horseback riding with Sophie,  garden, including digging holes which I love to do, etc.  Happy Fall!!!

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