Marie White’s Bearded Irises

Many, many years ago an older woman, an artist, lived across the street from me. We never really talked, just smiled and waved. Then one day she moved away to a nursing home. A year or so later, she called me to ask for a favor . . .

Hello Penny, It’s Marie White, your neighbor from across the street . . . . Do you still have your flower garden in the front of your house?

Hello Marie, I’m so happy to hear from you! Yes, I do . . .

I was wondering: If I bought some Bearded Irises would you grow them in your garden for me, so I can come paint them?

Of course I said “yes”! Several weeks later a box of rhizomes arrived, and I carefully planted them, choosing what I thought would be just the right spot to please a painter.   Marie White died before her Bearded Irises bloomed.  And, in time, I moved to another house with a front yard, where I transplanted Marie White’s Bearded Irises. I just took a break from my marathon writing stint to take a walk in the rain. Here are Marie White’s Bearded Irises in glorious bloom:  Paint them if you like.

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