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New Book Talk

I just finished a new book talk with a PowerPoint for my presentation in Washington, DC next week at the monthly meeting of the Clearinghouse on Women’s Issue.  For this one I wrote eight summaries of the achievements/contributions of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony and put forth what I think is the essence of their legendary friendship.  That took several very long days, plus editing & revising to get it to fit into my time slot, a process that takes sooo much time, but totally engages me, so much so that the processing continues in my brain while I’m grocery shopping, walking, standing in line at the post office, etc.  But tonight I think I finally got it where I want it–hurrah!!!!  Sophie is away for winter break, as are Linda’s grandchildren so we’re off to Philadelphia on Friday to see the Van Gogh exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art!  The snowdrops are up, crocuses & forsythia on the way, as are the daffodils–Spring in February!

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