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A Sweet Gift

For years, Linda and I have bought  our Christmas tree today from a guy who is a teacher.  We bond on the teacher connection. In the past he was selling with a teacher buddy. This year he was selling with his brother.  Every year he greets us: “You’re sisters!’  Every year, we reply “No,”and let it go.  This year, I said “We’re partners and we’ve been together a long time, actually if it doesn’t offend you – a few years ago – we got married.”  “Not me,” he exclaimed, “doesn’t offend me – I’m a teacher!   As his brother was putting our tree in my car,  the teacher marched over carrying a very large centerpiece festooned with cloth poinsettia, random selection of evergreen branches, large frosted pine cones, artificial flowers and shrub leaves, long white twigs and announced “Here’s your anniversary gift!” and put it in the car!  It’s quite the piece – I thought we should put it outside on the picnic table . .  Linda voted for having it inside, which is where it is – on the table right by the front door – a very sweet gift.

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