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A Skinned Knee

Since I last posted, I’ve given a couple of book talks/lectures, shivered through Sophie’s riding lessons (is it warmer on the back of a horse?), celebrated one of my son’s birthday (& how did they all get to be in their 40s?!), prepared another eBook, and fell off a bike! Yup, yesterday while trying to “jump” a curb to avoid running into a bus that stopped suddenly. Forgot that I wasn’t 15 (the last time I fell off a bike) and that the freezing cold limited my agility (then, of course, there’s my age).   Scrambled to my feet, I quickly assessed my condition–tear in my only pair of warm corduroy pants but nothing broken–and rode home. There I discovered a very skinned knee like the little kids routinely get; in fact, Sophie had shown me hers on Sunday, but don’t think I’ll show her mine–too embarrassing!

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