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Wolves, Bobcats, Foxes

Great Sophie/Grammy and Linda Day adventure yesterday at the Lakota Wolf Preserve in Columbia, NJ, in western NJ near the PA border.  Jim and Becky gave terrific commentaries chock full of fascinating information and great stories, including about the time they bottle-fed and raised 17 wolf cubs.  Becky gave a yell that set the wolves howling in a stirring chorus!  I was about Sophie’s age (many years ago!) when my mother took me & my brothers  to see the Lobo Wolves on the wolf farm in Kane, PA (near North Warren where I grew up) that was started by Dr. Edward McCleery who was determined to save the wolves that were on the edge of extinction. Here’s a link to that story:

A beautiful black wolf caught Sophie's eye; she had to sketch it. Fortunately I had a pad & pencil.

Sophie's sketch

She photographed this one!

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