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Why is this a significant day?

"Very significant day today for all of us—100 years!!" my longtime friend Annie texted me early this morning. Indeed it is—the centennial of ratification by the final, the 36th state, Tennessee, on August 18, 1920! Newspapers across America trumpeted the news. Images: banner headline in the Tonopah Daily Bonanza, Tonopah, NV and The Woman Suffrage

Monument in Nashville, TN:

(Front, l-r) Carrie Chapman Catt, Anne Dallas Dudley, (Back, l-r) J. Frankie Pierce,

Sue Shelton White, Abby Crawford Milton. Heroic legislators, include Joseph Hanover, a Jewish immigrant from Poland, who led the legislative fight; Banks Turner, a farmer, who voted against tabling the amendment, thus keeping it alive, then voted for ratification, although he was thought to be against it; and Harry T. Burn, who wore an anti-ratification red rose, but took his mother's advice to vote for ratification.

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