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Uncle David and Aunt Crystal

The summer months when Sophie visits her mother’s family in Europe, I write and send her & her cousins short nonfiction stories about various events; most recently I sent one, illustrated with photos, about the powwow (see previous posts with video). Moments ago I finished one (writing short pieces is time consuming; every word counts!) titled “Uncle David and Aunt Crystal and the Dresser.” The gist is: David and Crystal moved a tall, heavy dresser (it’s behind them in the car) from the third floor of our house to their apartment, only to discover that it made their bedroom toooo crowded. My stories always end with a “What do you think. . .” In this case: ” What do you think is going to happen to the dresser now?” I illustrated the story with photos, including this one of David and Crystal saying “Hi, Sophie!” (When they’re not moving dressers, David is a history professor, Crystal is finishing her dissertation.) click on pic for lager image.

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