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The caterpillar mystery

Arriving home this afternoon after two days at the Jersey Shore (no Glossy Ibis sighting, but a magnificent Great Egret), I spied an Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly in my garden. Wanting to photograph it for Sophie, I grabbed my camera and quietly walked toward the butterfly, took some pictures, and returned to help Linda unload the car. On my second trip into the house, she said, “Look–what’s that on the kitchen floor?” Not quite believing my first impression, I knelt down to confirm that it was a Monarch butterfly caterpillar(Danaus plexippus)–right there on our kitchen floor! How it got there, I don’t know, except that perhaps it “hitched” a ride on me when I was in the garden?? Perhaps our friend, “Sue the Science Educator” knows–I just left a message on her phone–“Hey Sue, how did a Monarch buttefly caterpillar get on our kitchen floor?” (click on image to enlarge)

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