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Speaking and 3 Springs

I’m back from speaking at the 3rd Annual Nonfiction Institute at the University of Maine. In my mind, I think it’s about a five hour drive, except that’s just to the border, the University is another 3 hours north! Sophie was hoping I’d see a moose, but I didn’t, although I did see periodic warning signs to watch out for moose along the Maine Turnpike. I’ve been making the trip for a number of years, and, as always, I stopped in Wells, Maine, to walk through the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge and indulge in two nearby establishments–one the Maine Diner where I thoroughly enjoyed a hearty helping of Indian Pudding (mixture of molasses & corn meal topped with vanilla ice cream, which I’ve loved since I was a kid). The other at Douglas H. Harding Used Book Store where I bought a bunch of books. I did that going on Thursday and returning on Saturday. The weather was gorgeous and Spring was in the early stages, which was cool because my first sight of Spring this year was when I went to Washington & Baltimore in March, then it unfolded in New Jersey, and now it’s emerging in Maine. Having three Springs this year reminded me of Edwin Way Teale’s book, North with the Spring: A Naturalist’s Record, that I read many years ago. Teale and his wife Nellie started on a long road trip in the Florida Everglades and headed north to follow the arrival of Spring. The pictures are: the marker to Rachel Carson with a view of the salt marshes and estuary and ocean in the distance and me talking about making the writing/reading connection.

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