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Sophie’s Observation

What: Snippet from our conversation Where: My car

When: Driving Sophie home this evening

Sophie: I passed my swimming test. I moved to a different level.

Me: Wow, that’s great.

Sophie: Now I have a boy teacher in the deeper end. All the boy teachers are in the deep end. The girl teachers are in the shallow end. But that’s not fair.

Me: Why isn’t it fair?

Sophie: Because what if a boy teacher likes little kids and wants to teach them in the shallow end?

Me: Oh, that’s a good point. Did you talk to someone about that?

Sophie: Yes, Scott (her boy teacher) said he likes to teach big and little kids and they’re going to make another pool . . . (Sophie continued with the explanation but I got distracted navigating the traffic on the George Washington Bridge & couldn’t track it.)

p.s. No, I’ve never done that type of gender analysis i.e. “all the boys teachers are in the deep end. . .” with Sophie.

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