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More Events for Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s 196th Birthday

One the fun things about signing books is meeeting new people!

Tired but invigorated! Just back from giving two 90-minute PowerPoint presentations to high school students in Tenafly, NJ, where Elizabeth Cady Stanton lived from 1868-1887; great group of kids & their teacher Diane Kratz!  The photographs are from the wonderful event on Saturday (11/12/ECS’s birthday) at Womrath’s Bookstore in Tenafly.  There’s a video of Mara Yaffee’s wonderful reenactment of Elizabeth’s attempt to vote on Nov. 2, 1880.  Her brother Zachary was the inspector. The link is

Mara Yaffee as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Zachary Yaffee as the inspector who refused to accept her ballot on Nov. 2, 1880 in Tenafly, NJ.

Bob Kutik, owner of Womrath's, ask his friend George to make a birthday cake for ECS. The inscription is from the Declaration of Sentiments that Elizabeth wrote for the 1848 Women's Rights Convention. (The cake was delicious!)

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