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Martha Gellhorn’s D-Day Scoop

From an early age, Martha Gellhorn attended protest marches, including suffrage, with her mother, a tireless activist.  Her “plan for life,” she decided, “was to go everywhere, see everything, and write about it.”  When she died in 1998, the “London Daily Telegraph honored her as “one of the great war correspondents of the century – – brave, fierce and wholly committed to the truth of the situation.”  I wrote about her in my book, “Where the Action Was: Women Correspondents in World War II,” and narrated a brief documentary based on that book.  Here’s a link to a 2-minute excerpt on the Women’s History Channel from that documentary about “Martha Gellhorn’s D-Day Scoop.”  There’s an upcoming HBO movie about Hemingway and Gellhorn; I’m wondering if they’ll include this incident since it isn’t the typical image of Hemingway?

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