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Happy Thanksgiving!

On Tues. 11/18/20 I did an interview via email with Glenn Evans, a reporter for the Longview News-Journal, Longview, Texas. You can read his piece at Check out the very cool “click-2-listen” feature at the top of the article “Table Talk: Experts discuss the origins of Thanksgiving traditions.” In the last paragraph, the reporter misattributed a quote from me to “Oliver,” and the newspaper printed a correction in Friday’s paper. I relate that incident because educators/librarians frequently ask me about “accuracy,” i.e. how to ensure it, check for it, etc. There’s no surefire way, I reply, because unintended things–new discoveries, mistakes, etc.–happen to even scrupulous writers. So, check, double-check, & maintain a healthy skepticism. Elizabeth Bird, senior children’s librarian, New York Public Library, posted a review at Check out what Jeremy Brunaccioni wrote at:–2.html Fran Hawk at Terri Schlichenmeyer at:

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