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Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow is Sophie’s Birthday!!!!!  Happy Birthday, Sophie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our family has a tradition of a “birthday season” to accommodate busy schedules. So, Sophie’s season starts tomorrow with her parents and me, plus Linda’s 2-year-old granddaughter who is staying with us for six days (Linda has a Wed class) gathering for dinner.  The kids’ party will be Sat. at the Kensington Stable in Brooklyn where 10 girls will get a short riding lesson, after which we’ll eat cupcakes in Prospect Park; yes, we have fingers & toes crossed for nice December weather. On Sunday we’ll get together for a family bowling party, for which I’ll continue the tradition of making whatever cake Sophie requests.  To date, I’ve made  rabbits, the solar system, dinosaurs, a butterfly, a star. This year she requested: a horseshoe-shaped chocolate cake with butterscotch frosting, (a pony that Sophie brushed and walked one day is named Butterscotch). Have I ever made butterscotch frosting? No. Do I know how to make it? Not yet, but I have a few more days. We discovered Kensington Stable by reading Stable, a wonderful picture book about the stable, illustrated and written by Ted Lewin.

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