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Cookies and Suffrage

During our "shelter-in-place," for "entertainment" and novelty in our menu, I've been baking cookies, not something I typically do, nor am I a regular cookie eater. So far, however, based on what I've found on the shelf or in the freezer: I've made oatmeal, raisin,

roasted pecan, chocolate chips; blueberry, oatmeal, walnuts; Cape Cod oatmeal (includes two tablespoons of molasses), raisin, walnuts; and cranberry, walnuts. Since women's fight for the vote is always on my mind, I'm reminded about how suffragists used cookbooks to raise money, but more importantly to reassure men that women could both vote and cook! I write about that in my book "The Vote." Images: cranberry, walnut cookies; Hattie A. Burr of Boston edited and published the first

cook book in 1886— "The Woman Suffrage

Cook Book"; The "Washington Women's Cookbook" was used in the campaign in Washington, where women won equal suffrage in 1910.

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