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Women’s March on Washington

Linda and I went to the Women’s March on Washington, January 21, 2017, with oldest grandchild  Sophie and her parents Jonathan and Katrin. On the way to the March we met this family who were happy to pose for a picture.


Two young boys from Ohio with their signs, studying the Metro map with their mother.  Exclamations of joy and enthusiasm echoed in the Metro as waves of marchers ascended on the escalator at the Capitol South station.


Two students from Bowdoin College in Maine, asked if they could talk with us.  “Of course,” we said, figuring that they were trying to fulfill a professor’s assignment. “We can talk while you walk,” they said. So we did.  We gasped at our first sight of the countless number of marchers on Independence Ave – astonishing, mind-boggling, thrilling – and that was just a fraction of the number of marchers- YIPPEE!!!

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