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Women’s History Road Trip

We just returned home from an amazingly productive, stimulating, fascinating, and fun women’s history road trip. I’ll post a more detailed entry, but for starters: our destination was Seneca Falls, NY for the 160th anniversary celebration of the Women’s Rights Convention, the beginning of the organized women’s rights movement in the U.S. From my previous entries, you know I’m in the middle of writing Stirring Up The World: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, A Biography of a Powerful Friendship. We left Friday and drove to Seneca Falls via all the places I’ve been writing about–SBA’s childhood home in Battenville and Canjoharie where she taught school (and where we met a new friend Sheryl, who told us how to easily find the “pot that washes itself” –a gorgeous, serene spot.) ECS’s childhood home in Johnstown, NY etc. etc. etc. It was quite the route: we need 3 NY maps to find every place & one place required winging it! We had many adventures. And, yes, Dot, we drove along Seneca Lake, found Miller Hall, AND found a marker to Elizabeth Smith Miller (she introduced the Bloomer outfit among other claims to fame) in Peterboro! More later.

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