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Women’s Equality

Hurrah! Today President Obama designated the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equallty National Monument in Washington, D.C.. adding it to the National Park System. Formerly the Sewall-Belmont House, it was the home of the National Woman’s Party, led by Alice Paul, a instrumental leader in women’s fight for the vote. “I want young girls and boys to come here—10, 20, 100 years from now—to know that women fought for equality. It was not just given to them,” Obama said. “I want them to come here and be astonished that there was a time when women could not vote. I want them to be astonished that was a time that women earned less than men for doing the same work…. that there was ever at time that a woman had never sat in the Oval Office.” p.s. I would add that everyone, not just “young girls and boys” should come and “be astonished.”

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