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We will win this battle yet, Susan!

Sessions, Bannon, Flynn, Pompeo . . .reading those names prompts me to think of Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s letter to Susan B. Anthony in 1871: Outraged by the joint judiciary committee’s report, an “open declaration” that women were “not citizens” ECS exhorted SBA to “Go ahead and ‘deal damnation round the land with a high hand,’ as the ‘Tribune’ says you do . . . We will win this battle yet, Susan! With love unchanged, undimmed by time and friction.”

While writing my book, I went to the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. to see the bust of SBA by Adelaide Johnson and the portrait of ECS by Anna Elizabeth Klumpke. I was delighted to be able to photograph them together (The painting in the background is of Margaret Fuller. The other bust is of Wendell Phillips.) 

Lucretia Mott is there too (painting by Joseph Kyle). A daguerreotype of Frederick Douglass is in the hall outside this room #33.

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