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Uncle Sam’s Thanksgiving

4th topic with the questions I asked in Thanksgiving: The  True Story about how to connect Thanksgiving Day to the world outside my dining room table: “Questions about the wider community: How do other people spend Thanksgiving? What do they eat? What do they do? Are they surrounded by friends and family? Are they at the Day of Mourning in Plymouth? Are they involved in an activity that promotes peace and goodwill in the world?”

The image is a cartoon by Thomas Nast celebrating diversity and political equality (Nov. 22, 1869 issue of Harper’s Weekly). Uncle Sam is standing carving the turkey. Columbia, a benevolent symbol of America, is depicted with a tiara.  A diverse group of people are seated around the table, including Chinese, Arab, African, Italian, Spanish, Irish, Native American. The centerpiece touts “Self-Government” and “Universal Suffrage.” The portraits from left to right: Presidents Lincoln, Washington, and Grant. Behind Uncle Sam is a painting of Castle Garden with the word “Welcome”, the entry point for immigrants in Manhattan. “Come One Come All” and “Free and Equal” flank the title “Uncle Sam’s Thanksgiving Dinner.”

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