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The Vote Road Trip: Day 17 Whitby

Whitby Harbor, River Esk to the North Sea

Whitby Harbor

Whitby Abbey

8/12 Our English friend Leza, who now lives in Brooklyn, urged us to visit to Whitby, a fascinating, beautiful, photogenic town and harbor.  We were delighted to discover the stark, imposing remains of Whitby Abbey, standing high on a cliff above the town, that was founded in 647 by a woman— Saint Hilda! Looking west, we can see the North Sea. (Click on a picture to enlarge it.) There is an in-the-footsteps connection in Whitby, only this time it is non-militant suffragists. In August 1908, after giving a speech at Whitby Harbor, several suffragists set off in a horse-drawn caravan (a rectangular box-shaped vehicle for camping). Their mission was three-fold: display a non-militant image of women seeking the vote, spread the vote for women message to the rural areas, and recruit members. Caravaning was a popular form of recreation at that time and the fact that suffragists joined in was typical of their creativity in seeking enfranchisement, a skill that was also employed in the American fight for the vote.

The sublime view from the window where we had breakfast— the bright green fields are everywhere. It is 54 degrees and no sign of rain. We are now about to drive across the North Yorkshire Moor to Manchester.

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