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Susan B. Anthony Crashed the All-Male July 4th, 1876 Celebration

A lot of hoopla was held leading up to the Centennial 4th of July in 1876, none of it honoring women’s contributions, or even including women as participants.  So, Susan B. Anthony finagled five tickets to the all-male main event in Philadelphia on the 4th.  On an oppressively 4th of July, she, along with Matilda Joslyn Gage, Sara Andrews Spencer, Lillie Devereau Blake, Phoebe Couzins, silently sat in the audience until the Declaration of Independence was read. Then rising, undoubtedly majestically, they walked to the platform, where Susan B. Anthony handed the presiding official the document that she, Matilda Joslyn Gage, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton had written for the occasion: Declaration of Rights of Women of the United States that included these word:  “From the earliest history of our country woman has shown equal devotion with man to the cause of freedom, and has stood firmly by his side in its defense. Together, they have made this country what it is. . . . We ask justice, we ask equality. . . be guaranteed to us and our daughters forever.

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