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Susan B. Anthony and her Father

Thinking about fathers on Father’s Day, I am reminded of Susan B. Anthony’s father Daniel, a man who steadfastly supported and encouraged Susan. In my book, I recount the story of Phoebe Harris Phelps, a woman along with her young daughter that Susan helped escape from an abusive husband. Prominent male abolitionists, also close friends & co-workers, insisted that Susan obey the law that gave fathers the entire guardianship and control of his children & reveal Phoebe’s hiding place. Susan refused telling them that she would no more obey the law and return the child than they would obey the law and return a slave. “I think you have done absolutely the right thing,” her father Daniel wrote to her. “Legally you are wrong, but morally you are right, and I will stand by you.”   The photograph appears in my book.

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