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Susan B. Anthony

On campaigning: In 1896, seventy-six-year old Susan B. Anthony spent 8 months campaigning for a woman suffrage amendment in California. (It was defeated.) Here’s her biographer’s account: “There was scarcely a day, including Sundays, that she did not make from one to three speeches, often having a long journey between them. She addressed great political rallies of thousands of people; church conventions of every denomination; Spiritualist and Freethinkers’ gatherings; Salvation Army meetings; African societies; Socialists; all kinds of labor organizations; granges; Army and Navy Leagues; Soldiers’ Homes and military encampments; women’s clubs and men’s clubs; Y.M.C. A’s and W.C.T.U.s. She spoke at farmers’ picnics on the mountaintops, and Bethel Mission in the cellars of San Francisco; at parlor meetings in the most elegant homes; and in pool-rooms where there was printed on the black board, ‘Welcome to Susan B. Anthony. . . .[She] visited also various towns throughout the central part of the State and along the coast, speaking in wigwams, halls, churches, schoolhouses, and the open air, taking trains at all hours, travelling through heat and dusk, wind and cold; and there was never a word of complaint during all the long campaign. She was always ready to go, always on time, always full of cheer and hope.” The photograph is from that campaign.


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