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Sophie Update

It’s been a good year in second grade for Sophie.  I visited her class several times: for an author visit to talk about doing research & writing; on “Biography Day”  the culmination of a research/writing/speaking project when Sophie & her classmates gave speeches as a historical figure of their choice (Sophie was Sacagawea); and then there was “Grandparent and Special Friends Day.”  I regularly picked her up on Friday after school that sometimes lasts through a sleepover. This week one of Linda’s grandchildren spent four days with us & Sophie came for a sleepover on Friday. We had planned a cook out in a park along the Hudson but the weather looked ominous so we ate our hot dogs at home.  I cooked two for each of us but when I saw Sophie quickly eat her two I offered her my second one. Of course, the other grandchild wanted a third too, which Linda willingly relinquished.  As I gave them “our” hot dogs, I cheerfully said something along the lines of them being lucky to have good grandmothers.  To which Sophie said, “That’s because you value family more than food.”

Since October I’ve been taking her for riding lessons at Kensington Stables in Brooklyn, (which we discovered through Ted Lewin’s wonderful book Stable.) The second week of July, as usual, she’ll leave to spend six weeks in Europe with her mother’s family. But before that we’re off on a four day Sophie/Grammy adventure, which includes whale watching!

For her 7th birthday party in December, Sophie & her friends had a ride & lesson in Prospect Park.

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