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Sophie/Grammy Day

It’s Tues morning I’m listening to Beethoven’s violin concerto, the snow is piled high outside my basement window, I’m about to dive into Elizabeth and Susan and my phone rings. It’s Sophie calling to say she’d like to go to the museum with the space ship, which I guess is the Liberty Science Museum . . . here’s the scoop, according to her mother: she had a fever yesterday (NYC schools closed for snow day) and wasn’t totally up to par this morning so Kat kept her home, but by mid-morning she was fine and raring to go and wanting to call me for an adventure, so she did. Although writing, teaching, speaking keeps me working all the time, I’ve got flexibility, especially on Tuesday (except on the 17th when I’m booked for two speeches) & I embrace spontaneity–so off I go to pick up Sophie!!!!

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