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Serendipitous Meeting and Churro Sheep

During our recent road trip through Wyoming, we serendipitously discovered Polly Hinds, a dynamic used bookseller & sheep rancher who introduced us to the Churro sheep. This morning I happened to hear an NPR piece on the Churro, “Sacred Sheep Revive Navajo Tradition, for Now.” Here’s my video of Polly & one of her Churros (the background noise is the sound of the Wyoming wind) & a link to the NPR piece and the Navajo Sheep Project (the logo on Polly’s Hat) Note: The NPR story left out a critical piece of the story: it was the Navajo women who hide & tended to the Churro sheep in the canyons for forty years. The NPR story appears to give all the credit for their recovery to the male professor. Here’s a link to a great story about how Polly & her partner & their adventures:

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