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Overspread the wide earth

I was just reading the letter Carrie Chapman Catt, president of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance who was on a round-the-world trip, wrote in 1911 from Durban, South Africa. Her letter was read at the forty-third National American Woman Suffrage Association’s convention, meeting in Oct. 1911, in Louisville, Kentucky: “The rebellion fomented in that little Seneca Falls convention has overspread the wide earth and from the frigid lands above the North Polar Circle to the most southerly point of the Southern Temperate Zone, the mothers of our race are listening to the new call to duty which these new times are uttering.. . . . May wisdom guide us to do the right thing; may love unite us; may charity temper our differences and may we never forget the obligations we owe the blessed pathfinders of our movement who made the present position of our cause possible.”

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