On Writing–Eventually you’ve got to start

Since the semester ended, I’ve been full-time into doing research for Stirring Up The World, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony: A Biography of a Powerful Friendship, except for days when I’ve needed to tend to the production of Thanksgiving: The True Story, which I’m very happy to report will be out in September. And, of course, my Sophie-days and family birthdays, etc.

Yesterday, I got an email from the department secretary reminding faculty that the semester starts tomorrow; not that I had forgotten, but somehow the reminder-email made it real. Fortunately my first class isn’t until Monday, but that means just a few more days before I add more demands to my time and attention. So, clearly it’s time to shift from doing research to writing, which isn’t to imply that I haven’t been writing, I have, but nothing that excites me. Nor that I won’t continue to do research, just that I’ll shift my focus and intensity.

So, after all that, if you’re wondering whether or not I got up and started writing today? The answer is YES!

#Beginning #Revising

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