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Update re what kids are reading from Dot Emer (i.e. Dot Chastney–her pre-marriage name–whose memories of WWII I quote in my book Rosie the Riveter: Women Working on the Home Front in World War II), my dear friend and passionate, savvy children’s librarian (see blog post 3/19/08). Currently she is a middle school librarian:

“I’m sure you’ve probably heard about the “Twilight” series of four books about a teenage girl, a senior in high school who falls in love with a boy in the class who is a vampire. The books are almost 500 pages long and have been flying off my shelves. I finally decided I had to read the first one and I can understand why teenage girls like the series, but one was enough for me. One thing about the series is that girls who always drag their feet about reading were reading!”

I haven’t heard about the series, and I’m not drawn to the topic. However I am interested in the “what and why” makes books go “flying off” shelves, whether in a bookstore, library, home. What do you think? And are you of the “at least they’re reading” school or “reading THAT is not real reading”??

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