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Mill Girls etc.

Located Lowell, MA in Market Mills Park, this sculpture, "Homage to Women," is a tribute to the 19th century "mill girls."

We made a weekend trip to Maine to celebrate Linda’s birthday.  On the way home, we stopped at Lowell National Historical Park in Lowell, Massachusetts, in particular to visit the Boott Cotton Mills Museum. It was a revisit for me and a first time for Linda whose grandmother had worked in the silk mills in Holyoke, Massachusetts where Linda grew up.

The internationally acclaimed Jones Benally Dance Troupe performed at the Folk Festival, which was in full swing when we stopped in Lowell.

A memorial to Lucy Larcom who, from the ages of 11 to 21, worked in the cotton mills in Lowell. I wrote about her and quoted her vivid descriptions in my book "Girls: A History of Growing Up Female in America." Lucy Larcom grew up to be an acclaimed poet. Her book, "A New England Girlhood," is a classic account of growing up in New England.

A memorial to Sarah G. Bagley, mill worker, writer, labor leader, fighter for women's rights. Her words inscribed on the left and right read: "Upon investigation truth loses nothing." I also wrote about mill girls and activists in "Strike: The Bitter Struggle of American Workers" so I was particularly thrilled to photograph this memorial.

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