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Libraries and Bookstores

Where: My car When: Just picked up Sophie What: Deciding what to do during our time together

Note: it was “poem in a pocket day” Me: I have a poem in my pocket for you. Sophie: I have a poem in my backpack. We read our poems and then talked about what to do together: Me: We could go to the zoo, a museum, a park, playground, library, bookstore. . . . Sophie: A library and bookstore are different! Me: “That’s interesting–tell me more.” Sophie: “In a library you have to be quiet. Someone shows you a book and you decide if you want to take it home but you can’t keep it. In a bookstore you get to pick out what you like and take it with you and keep it.” Me: You mean you can keep it after you pay for it at the bookstore. Sophie: Yes, but you can return it if you want to, like sometimes we have to return clothes.”

p.s. we went to a woodland park with climbing equipment. Sophie is happy to share my enthusiasm as I point out all the things my mother pointed out to me, oh, so many years ago–skunk cabbage, violets and dog-tooth violets, may apples, etc.

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