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“Lays Down Life . . .”


Today – November 25 – in 1916 – Inez Milholland Boissevain died in a Los Angeles hospital, after collapsing while giving a suffrage speech.  Known as the “Idol of Suffragists” she was an international known  tireless and beloved advocate for woman suffrage.  The first image honors her stunning appearance astride her horse Grey Dawn,  leading the famous suffrage parade in Washington, D.C. on March 3, 1913.   When a marauding mob of men disrupted the parade, she boldly rode her horse through them, clearing a path for the peacefully marching suffragists.  The second image from an article in the Los Angeles Times, dated Nov. 25, 1916 that reads: “Lays Down Life for Women’s Cause . . . . her loss is mourned by countless women.” Inez Milholland: Forward into, an excellent 15-miinute DVD by Martha Wheelock is available FREE at

“Liberty must be fought for. And, women of the nation, this is the time to fight. This is the time to demonstrate our sisterhood, our spirit, our blithe courage, and our will. It is women for women now, and shall be till the fight is won.”  Inez Milholland

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