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Joint celebrations

Tomorrow Sophie, age 4, starts kindergarten in a New York City public school & I turn 64! Linda & Sophie & I spent the last four days together at our bungalow at the Jersey Shore. We did new things–played miniature golf & attended a lecture on edible plants that included a nature walk at Island Beach State Park–and familiar things–frolicked in the ocean, ate Jersey corn and ocean scallops, drank smoothies that we made with Jersey peaches and blueberries, and indulged in a daily trip to the ice cream store. Nine of us are gathering for dinner tomorrow to sing Happy First Day of Kindergarten & Happy Birthday. My present for Sophie is a copy of Merriam-Webster’s Primary Dictionary with illustrations by Ruth Heller. (Teachers who take my courses at Queens College know I’m a fan of Ruth Heller who wrote & illustrated wonderful nonfiction poetry, including Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones.

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