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Grand Canyon and Mary Jane Colter

I’ve experienced the Grand Canyon many ways–back of a mule, airplane, raft, kayak, on foot–since my first trip there in 1960. But it wasn’t until I started asking the question “Where are the women?” that I learned about Mary Jane Colter, an intrepid architect and designer whose work honors the land and the people who had inhabited it for a millennia.   Turns out, once I asked “Where are the women?” I discovered that five of the buildings on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, including Hopi House and Desert View Watchtower,  are by Mary Colter, plus Phantom Ranch far below on the Colorado River.  I took these photos during a trip with Linda in the 1990s.

Desert View Watchtower, south rim of the Grand Canyon

View from Desert View Watchtower

Hopi House, south rim of the Grand Canyon

Hermit's Rest, south rim of the Grand Canyon

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