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Fabulous Experience

Girl Scouts ECS
Joan of Arc best
PC duet

Fabulous experience yesterday

taking granddaughter Sophie and the other terrific girls, members of Girl Scout troop 3700, to visit some New York City women’s history site. My daughter-in-law Katrin de Haen took wonderful photos. From left to right:  the display for Elizabeth Cady Stanton in the lobby of The Stanton, the apartment building named after her at 250 94th Street; Joan of Arc by Anna Vaugh Hyatt, 93rd and Riverside Drive; an impromptu duet with a passer-by at the Harriet Tubman Memorial of “O Let My People Go,” a song Tubman sang (two of the verses are carved in the curb around the memorial);  Swing Low: Harriet Tubman Memorial, 122nd Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard.

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