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Epigraphs and “The Vote: Women’s Fierce Fight”

Most of my books have epigraphs, a short quotation or phrase that foreshadows a theme or an incident.  You will find epigraphs in some of my tables of contents, in chapters, and as paragraph breaks in the text.  In The Vote: Women’s Fierce Fight, my new adult nonfiction book, there are three epigraphs at the beginning of the book and an epigraph for each of the twenty-three chapters.  In light of the 2020 presidential election, here is an epigraph from the beginning of The Vote: “If we do not use the franchise we shall give our enemies a stick with which to break our heads, and we shall not be able to live down the reproach of our indifference for one hundred years,” —Mary Church Terrell, First President of the National Association of Colored Women. This image is in my book. The caption reads: The Colored American National Negro Newspaper, Feb

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