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Elizabeth Cady Stanton: “Our Defeats and Our Triumphs”

“Another generation has now enlisted for a long or short campaign. What, say they, shall we do to hasten the work? I answer, the pioneers have brought you through the wilderness in sight of the promised land; now, with active, aggressive warfare, take possession. . . . The women in every State should watch their law-makers, and any bill invidious to their interests should be promptly denounced, and with such vehemence and indignation as to agitate the whole community.”  From a paper, “Our Defeats and Our Triumphs,” by eighty-two-year old Elizabeth Cady Stanton, read by Clara Colby at the 1898 National American Woman Suffrage Association, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Seneca Falls Woman’s Rights convention that ECS had initiated.

Source History of Woman  Suffrage, vol. 4, p. 292

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