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Elizabeth Cady Stanton

The extravaganza for Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s 80th birthday in 1895 at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City was organized by the National Woman’s Council, an organization that represented diverse groups of women and their interests. This disappointed some suffrage workers who wanted the focus to be on suffrage but delighted Susan B. Anthony. From the beginning of their work together, she pointed out, Elizabeth had promulgated an array of ideas and issues, “Surely,” Susan said, “for all classes of women, liberal, orthodox, Jewish, Mormon, suffrage and anti-suffrage, native and foreign, black and white–to unite in paying a tribute of respect to the greatest woman reformer, philosopher and statesman of the century will be the realization of Mrs. Stanton’s most optimistic dream.” I included this story & the photo of Elizabeth at her birthday celebration with her son Robert and daughter Margaret in my book. (They shared a New York City apartment.)

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