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Eleanor Roosevelt’s List

During one of her weekly radio broadcasts in March 1935, Eleanor Roosevelt mentioned eleven American women “who have been and are a constant inspiration and help to me.” Here is ER’s list, as reported in the “New York Times” (3/9/1935, p. 17): “Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, a prominent suffragist . . . Carrie Chapman Catt, suffragist & advocate for world peace; Jane Addams, founder of Hull House in Chicago; Lillian D. Wald, social worker, leading figure in the development of the Henry Street Settlement; Phoebe Omilie of the Bureau of Aviation of the Department of Commerce; Amelia Earhart, flier; Mary K. Simkhovitch, founder and director of Greenwich House; Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor; Mary Dillon, head of the Brooklyn Borough Gas Company; Josephine Roche, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury; Dorothy Canfield Fisher, novelist.” Some names would be on my list, for example Frances Perkins, the subject of one of my biographies, others were new to me, for example Omilie and Dillon.  What about you? Who would be on your list?

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