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Death of Susan B. Anthony

Remembering Susan B. Anthony, nationally and internationally revered leader in the fight for woman suffrage, who died March 13th-in 1906. Anna H

oward Shaw, an ordained minister and a medical doctor, who became a full time fighter for woman suffrage and a close friend of Susan B. Anthony, pronounced the final farewell at Anthony’s funeral:  “There is no death for such as she.  . .  Her words, her work and her character will go on to brighten the pathway and bless the lives of all people . . . Her cause, perfect equality of rights, of opportunity, of privilege for all, civil and political – was to her the bed-rock upon which all true progress must rest.”  As for what Susan B. Anthony had once said about her funeral: “Remember that I want there should be no tears. Pass on, and go on with the work.”

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