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“Celebrating Women, Especially Mothers!”

I met a wonderful group of women yesterday when I spoke at the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation’s event, “A Classical English Afternoon Tea with a Splash of Generosity.” Established in 1983, ECF provides free, in-home support for New Jersey’s pediatric cancer patients and their families. Yesterday’s event was to honor the mothers of children who have cancer. In recognition of the EFC Moms, I presented “Celebrating Women, Especially Mothers,” in which I highlighted historic women, including Abigail Adams, Sacajawea, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and their role as mothers. Rita Slatterly, an ECF volunteer who invited me to speak, took this picture. From l to r: Elsa Saucedo, an ECF Mom, me, Yanira Ceara, an ECF caseworker. The link to ECF is:

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